Prisluh™: Korn – Never Never

Nu-metalci Korn bodo 1. oktobra izdali svoj 11. album imenovan The Paradigm Shift. V posluh pa trenutno ponujajo komad Never Never. Poleg tega se je zasedbi na albumu znova pridružil tudi Brian “Head” Welch, ki je bend zapustil leta 2005.

James Shaffer “Munky” o naslovu albuma: “It’s a term encompassing different perspectives. You can view a piece of art from one angle and it takes on a certain image. If you look from another angle, it’s a completely different image. We liken that to Korn in 2013. With Head back in the fold, all of the elements fans have loved since day one are there, but we’re interpreting them from a new perspective. It’s a bigger, brighter and bolder Korn.




Seznam pesmi na The Paradigm Shift:

01. Prey For Me
02. Love & Meth
03. What We Do
04. Spike In My Veins
05. Mass Hysteria
06. Paranoid And Aroused
07. Never Never
08. Punishment Time
09. Lullaby For A Sadist
10. Victimized
11. It’s All Wrong
12. Wish I Wasn’t Born Today (bonus track on deluxe edition)
13. Tell Me What You Want (bonus track on deluxe edition)

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