Privid™: Within Temptation – Paradise (What About Us?)

Tarja / Sharon

Within Temptation so skupaj z bivšo pevko zasedbe Nightwish Tarjo Turunen posneli komad in videospot Paradise (What About Us?). Pesem se nahaja na svežem EPju.

Pevka Sharon Den Adel o sodelovanju s Tarjo: “When we had written the first version of Paradise and listened back to the demo we’d recorded and the epic power of the song, we thought of Tarja instantly. How well this track would fit her classical voice and how extra special it would be if we sang it together. The more we thought about this wild idea, the more excited we got about it!


Paradise (What About Us?) EP:
1. Paradise (What About Us?) feat. Tarja
2. Let Us Burn (demo version)
3. Silver Moonlight (demo version)
4. Dog Days (demo version)

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