Devin Townsend naznanil evropsko turnejo

Devin Townsend Project

Veliki posebnež Devin Townsend je spet v akciji! Devin Townsend Project je naznanil dolgo pričakovani album, ki bo ozšel 27. oktobra, ter že razprodal aprilski koncert v Londonu, sedaj pa je nanizal še ostale evropske datume, najbližje nam bo na Dunaju in sicer 11. marca 2015 v Areni. Kot predskupina bodo nastopili Periphery in Norvežani Shining.

Devin o turneji: “Now that the recording and mixing for Z2 is finished, it’s time to gear up for touring again! There’s a bunch of events coming up, and one of them that I’m extremely proud to announce is a European headlining tour with support from the incredible Periphery and the insane Shining! That’s a heck of a line -up I think, each band is doing something unique from each other, yet are really well defined. It will be an opportunity for us to explore our back catalog as well as the Z2 albums, Sky Blue and Dark Matters (from the upcoming double album, Z2). One of the greatest things about doing this for as long as I have is that we get to do these sorts of awesome events. I can’t even begin to express how honoured I am to share the stage with these incredible bands, and to have such overwhelming support from the audience lately. It’s honestly just an absolute pleasure to do this. So it is with great pride I invite you to the show! Hopefully we come near you, let’s do this!Devin =)”

Album bo izšel v treh različnih edicijah, osnovna edicija bo vsebovala oba albuma na CDjih. Omejena digipak edicija bo vsebovala razširjen artwork, oba albuma na CDjih in bonus CD na katerem bo Dark Matters brez dialogov. Seveda pa ne bo šlo tud brez posebne vinilke.

Seznam komadov:
Disc 1: Devin Townsend Project – “Sky Blue“:
1 – “Rejoice”
2 – “Fallout”
3 – “Midnight Sun”
4 – “A New Reign”
5 – “Universal Flame”
6 – “Warrior”
7 – “Sky Blue”
8 – “Silent Militia”
9 – “Rain City”
10 – “Forever”
11 – “Before We Die”
12 – “The Ones Who Love”

Disc 2: Ziltoid – “Dark Matters“:
1 – “Z²”
2 – “From Sleep Awake”
3 – “Ziltoidan Empire”
4 – “War Princess”
5 – “Deathray”
6 – “March Of The Poozers”
7 – “Wandering Eye”
8 – “Earth”
9 – “Ziltoid Goes Home”
10 – “Through The Wormhole”
11 – “Dimension Z”

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