Skinny Pelembe – How long have we got? As long as you want

foto by Erika Funa

foto by Erika Funa

Skinny Pelembe

He takes the stage quietly
With him the rhythm,
Smooth, hypnotic, they are one, it’s clear
African accent, deep, mellow tone,
Voice calmly confident, soft, with a flow,
He’s got peaceful eyes, starts painting with sounds,
He’s where he’s meant to be,
Draws you in as you feel the beat
Easy flow, effortless,
Shifts into jazz and drum’n’bass
You follow naturally,
An impulse from the inside
Soul glow up
Change of pace to slow, melodic parts,
Creamy tones now joined by clear, light, crystalline,
They merge together, melancholy spring-like
Make more friends
I’ll be on your mind
Shifts back to spoken performance poetry of chanted speech over reggae and hip-hop beats,
Evoking dub poets, everyday history
No blacks no dogs no Irish
Breathe out and repeat
Pulsating, darker echoes,
Guitar riffs, city streets
How long have we got? As long as you want
Mild moment, look around
Accent shift, remember like a heart,
With every song and in between, more people still pouring in
They all stay,
He smiles
There’s music that leaves you with a light inside

(Ment Festival 2020 Impression)

Erika Funa

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