Jodie Faster

Kdaj: petek, 19. julij 2019 21:00
Kje: Gromka, AKC Metelkova

Hey! Cool Kids Booking show #23 is coming up! This time with “European Pears”, our friends JODIE FASTER ♥

JODIE FASTER was formed in the summer of 2016 by four active members of Lille, France’s punk scene. With members of bands such as Burning Lady, Fake Off, Confusion, Toxic Waste… the motto was simple : play as fast as possible. After a year, more than 60 gigs around Europe alongside bands like Vitamin X, Youth Avoiders, Teenage Bottlerocket, Pears, Clowns, Burning Heads, Get Dead… and some repress of their first EP ‘Complete Discography’, the band released ‘666 Cups of Black Coffee”, a split album with the brothers in Genital Jiggling (Rouen’s pride and joy) on ten DIY labels. The band is now preparing their first LP, looking forward to playing more and more shows. Their 80’s hardcore punk, with clear guitar sound, is played fast and frantic during live shows, where the fun mixes with politics. Come get some !




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